We put people first. Seriously.


Not because they’re more important than raising funds, investing capital, or delivering returns, but because they’re the key to success in all those things.

We know every great adventure begins as a relationship among a handful of intrepid souls. We respect individuals for the quality of their ideas, and the content of their character. We value clarity, directness, and simplicity. We listen carefully, and offer help with humility and good humor. 

We believe good business is personal. Each of us is committed to taking the work more seriously than ourselves. Each commits to deliver the outstanding returns enabled by outstanding execution, and to help entrepreneurs win, whether we invest in them or not. 

We do not put up with jerks. We do not optimize transactions at the expense of relationships. We are not focused on “scaling” our own business, but on growing the businesses we invest in, and the capital entrusted to us.

On our best days, we help people we care about make their dreams come true. That’s why we do this, and why we love what we do.



G20 Ventures provides early traction capital for East Coast enterprise tech startups, backed by more than 20 of the Northeast's most accomplished entrepreneurs.

We look for great teams in love with big problems. Our focus is generally on early-stage, East Coast, and enterprise software, especially virtual infrastructure and cloud-based solutions. We prefer technology risk to market risk, and won't generally invest in 100% consumer-facing businesses. If you plan to pitch us... Thanks! And please read this first.

We get that great teams are built over time, but typically look for a core team (at least 2 people) that includes a technologist with experience building solutions similar to the one being proposed, and a business person who really understands the buyer and how to reach them. We like to see a product in market, and some early customer validation. 

Our sweet spot is $2-5 million in Series A. We reserve capital for every deal we do, meaning we want to be with you all the way.

A brand manager, a Fortune 50 product guy, and a venture storyteller. We wanted a small fund that added big value.

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Startups need help, from people who've done it themselves. These 20 or so folks deliver for the businesses we invest in.  

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We look for great teams in love with big problems. Here's who we've found so far, and what they're doing.

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