Rockstar wanted. An 11.

Rockstar wanted. An 11.

We're looking for a dynamic person who enjoys working with entrepreneurs, and can think like one.

Foundation of the gig is supporting 3 investment Partners who need smart, productivity-improving help in varying quantities:

  • Schedule, unschedule, re-schedule meetings and appointments with other busy and distracted people.

  • Manage travel itineraries to maximize productivity on the road.

  • Coordinate executive communications, including taking calls, responding to emails and interfacing with entrepreneurs and limited partners (investors in the fund).

  • Arrange and help host G20 events to take place outside of the work place, such as dinners, briefings and informal gatherings.

  • Maintain an organized filing system of paper and electronic documents

  • Uphold a strict level of confidentiality.

  • Develop and sustain a level of professionalism among staff and clientele, without being stuffy or difficult.

In addition, though, we need someone who can pitch in and where possible lead a list of secondary responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and lead top quality events as part of our Venture Briefing Center program

  • Help produce, distribute, and promote the G20 Podcast, How Hard Can It Be?

  • Help produce, distribute, and promote the G20 Member newsletter.

  • Support G20’s other digital and offline marketing efforts including social media, web site, blog, and whatever else makes sense.

The right person for this job is:

  • Super smart, intensely curious. Loves learning about new businesses and working with entrepreneurs.

  • Minimum of 3+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant reporting directly to senior management.

  • Advanced skills in GSuite and social media tools such as Twitter, Medium, Linked In, with an ability to become familiar with firm-specific programs and software.

  • Proficiency in collaboration and delegation of duties.

  • Strong organizational, project management and problem-solving skills with impeccable multi-tasking abilities.

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.

  • Strong ability to anticipate needs, take the initiative and find creative solutions to new problems.

  • Friendly, professional demeanor, and a good sense of humor. 

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