Rockstar wanted. An 11.

Rockstar wanted. An 11.

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for driving awareness, understanding, and positive predisposition to G20 Ventures among the community of savvy entrepreneurs and startups in the Boston and New York regions. This person will actively participate in the re-branding of a premiere venture capital firm, starting with exposure to elements of brand strategy at the highest levels, and following through the nuts and bolts of execution primarily through digital, social, and event-based channels.

Responsibilities/Key Tasks

  • Participate in development of new corporate brand strategy. 
  • Translate that strategy into action plans for development of a new web site, content marketing program, podcast, blog, and social presence. Execute those plans consistently and at the highest level of quality.
  • Master Squarespace; assume primary responsibility for the development and updating of a new G20 Ventures web presence on the platform.
  • Assume primary responsibility for the consistent promotion of branded content on the open web, Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels. 
  • Coordinate, schedule, and facilitate the recording of a weekly podcast including frequent guest speakers.
  • Develop written content assets worthy of entrepreneurs’ attention, both independently through the course of interacting with the general partners, and from insights gleaned in the interviews that comprise the above podcasts.
  • Work closely with a professional photographer in coordinating the development of a complete inventory of photo assets covering G20 Partners, Members, and portfolio company executives.
  • Help design, book, execute, and harvest an executive briefing program that brings top executives from Fortune 2000 businesses together with top executives from current and possible future members of the G20 portfolio.
  • Demonstrate the highest professional standards of marketing communications, and close attention to detail at all times.
  • Contribute to the value of the partnership, through new ideas, new insights, and hard work applied in service to the brand and the portfolio companies.             


  • Reports to the General Partner, dotted line to G20 Member guiding new marketing program. 
  • Demonstrates high levels of emotional intelligence in interaction with others.
  • Great communicator; speaks well, presents well, writes very well.
  • Effective engaging with and coordinating activities of very smart, very accomplished, very busy people. Strong social skills, connections a plus.
  • Proficient in digital and social media channels.
  • Completed / pursuing four-year college degree from an accredited institution, or Master’s in business administration (MBA) or equivalent. 
  • Focused aspiration to career in startups, venture capital, or marketing. 
  • Willing to work hard to complete even what seem like menial tasks at the highest level of attention to detail.
  • All prospective employees must pass a background check. 

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